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  1. A univalent hydrocarbon radical (C6H5) formally derived from benzene by the removal of a hydrogen atom, and the basis of an immense number of aromatic derivatives.

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In chemistry, the phenyl group or phenyl ring (often abbreviated as -Ph) is the functional group with the formula
where the six carbon atoms are arranged in a cyclic ring structure. It is in the Aryl group. It is highly stable, and is also a member of the aromatic family of compounds. This hydrophobic and aromatic hydrocarbon unit can be found in many organic compounds. It can be thought of as being derived from benzene (C6H6). In fact, in chemical literature benzene itself is sometimes denoted as Ph. One of the simplest phenyl containing compounds is phenol, C6H5OH. The resonance stability of phenol makes it a stronger acid than that of another alcohol (pKa = 10 vs. 16-18).
Presence of a phenyl group typically results in an 1H-NMR shift around 7.7ppm.
The phenyl group differs from the benzyl functional group in that benzyls have an extra CH2. These phenyl groups can also be found in polymers such as polystyrene.
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